(1) Urgent piece of work leave: This type of leave will be sanctioned by the incharge a day before.
(2) Sick-Leave : This type of leave will be sanctioned by principal. The student must bring an application along with proof signed by parents.
(3) No leave will be availed of without the prior sanction of teacher incharge and Principal.
(4) Leave for personal engagement such as birthday, excursion etc. will not be granted.
(5) In case of absence the student must bring the leave application on his/her next coming day after.

Silence is to be observed in library and Reading Room. Book issued are to be properly looked after and deposited on the due date .
1) All pupils of the school are the members of the library.
2) A student can borrow only one book at a time.
3) Reference books will not be issued.
4) If the book is not returned at the expiry of the period of issued, a fine of Rs. 1/-per day will be changed.
5) All markings, underlining’s or defacing of books by any means are strictly forbidden. Fines shall be levied for violating this rule.
6) Students are not allowed to go to the library with his/her personal books or bags. Only note-books will be allowed with the permission of the librarian.

(1) All the students expected to reach the school in time .
(2) They should respect their teachers, elders, parents in school and out of school.
(3) All the students should wish their teachers, Parents elders. While facing first time in the day.
(4) They should not damage School Property.
(5) The can’t come by Scooter, Motorcycle & Cars.
(6) They should pass through verandah silently and should not talk to anybody.
(7) A student can come out of the class to drink water or for Urine/Toilet two times before Lunch and two times after lunch in summer but in winter one time before Lunch and one time after Lunch. He/She should not waste his/her time. He/She should obey his teacher and monitor in absence of teacher.
(8) Students are expected to walk in rows while going in the playground from playground to class rooms. Similarly at the ringing last bell.
(9) Students can’t enter in the Principal office without taking permission from the peon.
(10) All the students obey their class monitor in the absence of subject teacher.
(11) Students and Teacher are not allowed to bring mobile phone during the school time. If school high authorities fine mobile. If will be captured and will not be given back. Students or Teachers should give school office telephone No. 98145-08468 to any relative / parents in case to talk in school time.