Dear Parents,

Thank you very much for giving us an opportunity to educate your ward. To Achieve all that is the best in the education of your ward, maximum co-operation and report between the parents and the school is essential. It is recommended that the parents and guardians should daily look into the note books to ascertain if their children are doing class work and home work regularly. In case of Nursery children, the note-books are sent to the parents every Saturday for their perusal. Please ensure that are returned on Monday duly signed by your good self. Any irregularities in work should be pointed out of the teacher by giving a note on the note book or communicated to the undersigned otherwise in a separate note. Any remarks made by the teachers should be countersigned and adhered to. Please remember all this would help us in establishing the desired rapport with the parents.

Please encourage your child to be resourceful and useful member of your family at home. Teach your ward self help for work and study, to keep his room tidy, make his own bed, polish his own shoes, carry his own bag etc. Formation of habits in his early life shall inculcate in him the idea of dignity of work, a fundamental personal virtue necessary for successful career in later life.

Since the medium of instruction in this School is English, a certain amount of regular conversation in English by the parents at home is advised.